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As Grayston Electrical is an Approved Installer for Reloc Electric Vehicle Chargers, they will run through the OLEV gornment grant scheme which at present is £350. this amount would be deucted from your total install bill.

We believe this grant scheme will be reduced from April 2021. To be able to apply for the OLEV Grant you have to show you have or have on order a car that requires an EV charging station, i.e. Fully electric or Hybrid car.

Electric Vehicles or EV's are becoming more and more popular.

This means you need a point to charge them at home, over night whilst you sleep your car is being charged up and ready for its next ommision free journey.

The WallPod EV : HomeCharge unit has proved highly adaptable, yet cost effective and is able to provide all types and modes of electric vehicle charging solutions as well as offering full back office management support as required by all grant funding schemes. 
In this particular case, the WallPod EV : HomeCharge was manufactured to a particular specification which included the installation of LED status indicators, a tethered lead cable management system and a unique charger to wall mounting bracket, making it exceptionally easy for use and maintenance.

Electric Vehicle Charger

Customer Feedback:

Gary arrived promptly, lovely genuine bloke and carried out the required work . Good quality tradesman and will definitely recommend and use again.